UMD Bulldogs are Finding Success After Graduation

They're working like a dog after receiving their degrees

An extensive survey conducted by the Career and Internship Services at the University of Minnesota, found that nearly all 2014-15 graduates have found jobs or are continuing their education.

The survey shows that 97% of the graduates surveyed are employed or are continuing their studies; 85% reported employment and 12% reported continuing education.

Janet Pribyl of Career and Intership Services says, “It shows that students are coming to UMD they’re getting a good education here, and they’re going off to be able to go and do the things they want to do.”

The majority of respondents reported their jobs as ‘related’ or ‘somewhat related’ to their majors.

Career and Internship Services staff surveyed alumni who received undergraduate degrees from UMD between July 1, 2104 and June 30, 2015. The report is based on responses from 1,751 graduates collected through online, email, and telephone surveys.

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