Medicare and Social Security PAC Endorses Nolan for Congress

Rep. Nolan Accepts Endorsement In Duluth

Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan is adding one more endorsement to his list of supporters as he seeks reelection in the fall.

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has announced their endorsement of the Democratic legislator at an event earlier this morning.

Congressman Nolan has spoken on the House Floor several times in support of entitlement programs for seniors.

Earlier this year he introduced legislation that would provide a boost to Social Security benefits.

“As you get older your primary costs of living are related to food, housing, fuel, and health care,” said Congressman Nolan from the podium at the event.

Portia Johnson, a retired supporter of Nolan and his campaign, says she worked for St. Louis County for nearly 30 years.

“I earned my Social Security,” Johnson said. ““Like FDR started it, back in 1940… [we] need to keep it just like it is.”

Nolan is running against Republican Stewart Mills, who lost to Nolan in a close race back in 2014.

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