Solar Complex Begins Production Near Black Bear Casino

New Energy Source Will Help Reduce Emissions by Twenty Percent

Construction is now complete on a new solar project in the Northland.

With a price tag of nearly $2.2 million dollars, the new energy source will not only benefit area residents, but also flip the switch on cost savings for the Black Bear Casino in Carlton.

The new field of solar savings will allow residents to become more environmentally sustainable.

For local Tribal Council Members, it comes with great significance to not only the environment, but to a culture.

The Fond du Lac Band is working on reducing its carbon footprint, and carrying out it’s environmental stewardship responsibilities.

Wayne DuPuis, Environmental Program Manager said, “We are here today to celebrate the completion of the One Megawatt solar project that was made possible by the help of Minnesota Power and the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development.”

Approximately 150 homes will benefit from the renewable solar complex.

The project goal is to help cut back on fossil fuel emissions, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2.6 million pounds, per year.

Kevin DuPuis, Chairman of the Fond du Lac Tribal Council said, “We’re using the sun to generate power, and I don’t see how we can go wrong with that. I think it’s the right thing to do, and with all renewable energy and now we are sitting with global warming and the temperatures varying from year to year, this is the right thing to do.”

Fond du Lac Band members formed a climate change workgroup back in 2007 to identify options to reduce carbon emissions by 2020.

Results are now in, showing an expected 20 percent reduction in the carbon footprint, within the next four years.


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