Superior City Council Approves Advisory Referendum

The City of Superior is taking the first steps towards a re–investment in the downtown district.

Bruce Thompson of Better City Superior says,”If you want job growth to happen and for the employers to be satisfied the workforce will stick and stay here, you really need to prepare a place for them.”

The City Council has now approved putting an advisory referendum on the ballot this November. Giving people a chance to vote on whether they want the city to approach the state government and ask for the City of Superior to become an exposition district.

Bruce Thompson of Better City Superior adds,”What we really need to do is reach the average person, and help them understand what kind of an impact it would have on them.”

The approval of this request would then allow the city to vote on new consumption tax potentials such as 5 cents on every 10 dollars of prepared food or beverage to help fund investments into large entertainment infrastructure and encourage private investment in the downtown area.

Bruce Thompson of Better City Superior explains,”We think we make a compelling argument to the state that the health of Wisconsin and the health of superior can be elevated by playing with the same tools that our very successful neighbor Duluth does.”

None of the proposed taxation would be rolled into existing yearly taxes, it would rather become a half percent tax whenever prepared food or beverage is purchased to avoid a heavier burden on city tax payers.

Aimee Glonek, co-owner of the Blue Arrow Boutique in Superior says, “You know you hear the work tax and it always has this negative thought behind it, but it’s in such small increments and that will build up over time and make a big impact down here.”

The city hopes that people will see the proposal as a chance to invest in the future of Superior.

Aimee Glonek, co-owner of the Blue Arrow Boutique in Superior also adds, “Small business is huge. We keep so much money in the community that people are not even aware of and that cycle turns in the city, every dollar that comes in here is going to someone else.”

The city is also hoping the funds will eventually provide a friendly venue for young families in the downtown area.

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