Update on Storm Debris Curbside Pick Up

The City of Duluth crews have been working to clean up since the July 21 storm

Since the July 21 storm, City of Duluth crews have been working on storm debris removal from private residences. The process is now reaching its time limit; curbside pick up will end on Saturday, August 27.

City crews have collected between 40-45,000 cubic yards of storm debris and have made significant progress in cleaning up the most affected neighborhoods.

While this intense clean up process has been critical to ensure efficiency and safety for all residents, it diverted crews from outstanding parks maintenance and street projects. The City says that these other priorities need to be addressed before the winter season.

Residents who have storm debris placed on the curb or the front yard as of August 27 will get their piles picked up. After this date, debris will be the responsibility of the property owner to properly dispose of.

The City recommends that residents who have the ability to transport storm debris do so using the Rice Lake Road drop off site across form the Boulder Ridge Apartments. This drop off site will close on September 3.

Recommendations from the City to help crews efficiently remove any remaining storm debris and to ensure the health and safety of neighborhoods:

– Do not put out garbage or yard waste with storm debris. The City cannot expend resources to sort debris, and will not pick up debris piles mixed with non-storm debris.

– Leave space in front of the debris pile for City trucks to gain access. When cars are parked in front of debris piles, it hinders the work and could result in a missed pick up.

– Remaining debris, following August 27, must be removed by property owners from curbs or front yards before the onset of winter.

The City of Duluth thanks residents for their patience and the volunteer groups who traveled and left their jobs and families to help Duluthians.

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