Superior Man Triathlon Traffic Advisory Issued for Sunday August 28

The triathlon will be held in the Harbor and Bayfront Areas

The Duluth Police Department has issued a traffic advisory for Sunday, August 28, for the Superior Man Triathlon. The event will be held in the Harbor and Bayfront areas, as well as London Road, resulting in various road closures.

The event begins at 6:30 a.m. when participants are dropped in the Harbor behind the DECC for the swim portion. Boating traffic in the harbor will be limited at this time.

Around 7-7:30 a.m. the bike portion will begin resulting in the following road closures:

-Railroad Street – from 5th Avenue West to the Pier B complex
-Railroad Street – westbound lane only, from Harbor Drive to 5th Ave West
-Michigan Street – from 1st Ave West to Superior Street (4th Ave E)
-Superior Street – from 3rd Ave E to 8th Ave E
-Superior Street – from 8th Ave E to 10th Ave E will be open to Westbound Traffic Only.
-The parking lot next to VaBene Cafe will remain OPEN and accessible from westbound Superior Street at 8th Ave E
-The Fitger’s Inn and Fitger’s Ramp will be accessible from Westbound Superior Street only. When crossing Race Course Bike Lane – Bikes will have the right of way.
-London Road form 10th Ave E to 12th Ave E
-21st Avenue E – from London Road down to Water Street will only have the up bound lane available for traffic. Down bound lane will be restricted to bicycles. Officers will be assisting traffic in the area.

Freeway Ramps:

-The 21st Ave E I-35 Ramps will be closed, 26th Ave E will remain open
-I-35 Ramps on 5th Ave West will be affected. The Northbound Off-Ramp and Southbound on ramp will remain open.

There will be a coned lane for bicyclists only on:

-the East side of 5th Ave West
-Harbor drive up to Railroad Street
-The lower side of London Road from 12th Ave E to 15th Ave E
-the lower side of London Road from 20th Ave E to 21st Ave E
-the lower side of London Road from 26th Ave E to the Highway 61 Expressway

When bike participants return to the DECC they will transition from the bike portion of the race to running, this will happen at approximately noon and the course will then open to traffic.

During the Running Portion of this event the following roads will be CLOSED:

-Harbor Drive behind the DECC, from 5th Ave W below the Aquarium lot, to just below the East DECC Lot Entrance
-One Upper West bound lane of Railroad Street from Lake Place Drive to the DECC North Gate.
-Both westbound lanes of Railroad Street from the DECC North Gate West to the Pier B lot.

All roads should be open to traffic by approximately 3:00 p.m.

Drivers in the area of this event are urged to be observant of no parking signs, detours, heavy pedestrian traffic, and police officers directing traffic.

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