UMD Freshmen Enrollment Up Over Last Year

Freshmen enrollment is up 6% at UMD.

As UMD students gear up and get ready for classes to begin, the university is reporting that freshmen enrollment is up from last year.

Enrollment for the freshmen class is up 6% over last fall.

2,130 first year students are enrolled.

The university points to increased marketing efforts, an engaged faculty and staff, and the number of campus visits as reasons for the increase.

“Students who come and visit us have a tremendous experience. They love the city of Duluth, they love the region, they get to know the campus, the resources and they realize for many of them, it is the right fit and right program array for them,” said Fernando Delgado, Exec. Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

Overall enrollment at UMD is over 10,800 students.

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