Feingold Will Oppose ‘Unfair Labor Deals’

Tells Wisconsin unions he will oppose "lousy unfair labor deals"

Democratic Senate candidate Russ Feingold is telling Wisconsin unions he will oppose “lousy unfair labor deals” and vote against the Trans Pacific Partnership if elected.

Feingold spoke Monday at the biennial convention of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO. Feingold touted his opposition to the TPP deal and blasted his opponent Republican Sen. Ron Johnson for not saying where he stands on the proposal.

Feingold tells the union members, “You know better than anyone the violence that’s done by these trade deals of the past.”

He says as senator he will oppose any attempt to “shove through another one of these deals.” He adds bad trade deals have been a “tragedy and betrayal” to blue collar workers in Wisconsin.

Feingold also tells union members he will push for equal pay for women.

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