Hillsiders Celebrate 7th Annual HillFest

Duluth’s Hillside neighborhoods were out having fun Sunday at the 7th annual HillFest.

Music rang out over the East Fourth Street and Sixth Avenue East intersection — roads usually busy with traffic.

“Behind me we got basketball, 3-on-3 tournament, we have checkers, we have a whole host of different games, there’s a bounce house and a whole host of groups today, they’re doing events as well,” said organizer James Gittemeier.

“It’s a really good place to hang out and just chill and relax,” said Demetrious Simpson, who was attending the event.

Organizers say the intersection for HillFest usually divides the neighborhoods, but Sunday, it was a place to come together.

“Big picture wise we hope that one day that this will be re-developed and this will be a great center for the neighborhood,” said Gittemeier.

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