Women’s Rights Advocates Go Topless

'Go Topless Day' Calls for Gender Equality

Protesters, women’s rights advocates and activists went topless Sunday in Leif Erickson Park to call for gender equality.

Go Topless Day takes place in around 60 cities across the world.

It is a day for people to challenge gender inequality, by wearing their breasts out in public.

Women were invited to go topless Sunday, and men were asked to wear bras, bikinis, and crop tops, to call out double standards based on gender.

“Knowing that this is America, we fight for freedom, our whole history is all about freedom, and for women to not have that freedom, their own body to do what they please, is…. It’s an oxymoron to what we’re trying to fight for,” said Leah Mohn, a human rights advocate.

Go Topless Day falls on Sunday closest to Women’s Equality Day, August 26th.

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