First Day of Class for 2016 Fall Semester at UMD

6% Increase in New Freshmen This Year

Thousands of students are back in Duluth and hitting the books, for the first day of Fall Semester at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

More than 10,000 students are back at the home of the Bulldogs, some who say they are excited after the long break, and others, who were not ready to end their summer vacations quite yet.

Students were bustling in and out of the school buildings, looking for their classrooms, and even adjusting some of their class schedules last minute

“I was on the waiting list on one of the classes I wanted, I didn’t quite make it because everyone ended up showing up, so all the spots were taken, so I’m on my way to my 3rd class, and I’m pretty excited, hopefully I make it to this one,” said Jrieh Mabamba, a senior at UMD.

According to UMD’s Website, new freshmen enrollment is up 6 percent from last fall, but while those students are stepping in to the school for the first time, many seniors are feeling the pressure of their last year of school

“It’s kind of bittersweet, I’m just finishing up now, so I don’t really wanna think about it ending cause I don’t wanna leave,” said Klarissa Rozales, a senior at UMD.

But whether they’re new to the school or have been going for years, students can expect a new semester filled with studying, tests, and maybe a little time for fun.

“I’m excited its nice to see people it’s nice walking through the hallways and seeing people you didn’t see for 3 months,” said Sydney Anderson, a Junior at UMD.

Now that the semester has started, many students are looking forward to UMD Homecoming, which will October 9th through the 15th.

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