Fundraising Needed for Local Humane Society

With Many Repairs on the To-Do List, Local Volunteers Need Help

It can be a constant struggle to keep the to-do list shortened up, for many local humane shelters, the hope that funds keep coming in through donations is always on the mind.

Pups, are not priceless, and kittens come with quite the cost.

“It takes more than you can imagine and we keep hoping for more all the time,” Julia Rulla, Executive Director of Friends of Animals Humane Society said.

A fun and inviting place to volunteer, but one with a price tag of fixes and repairs.

“The pipes don’t work that well right now,” Rulla said. “I love to say hi to the pets every morning before I get started!”

Four weeks in to the job as Executive Director for Friends of Animals Humane Society in Cloquet, Rulla is quickly realizing the reality of life in the kennel.

“We actually had a dryer fire a couple of weeks ago so we are working on getting a new commercial dryer,” Rulla said.

Constant bumps in the road. An issue, that isn’t always the easiest to fix.

Rulla says, “A new facility would be so fantastic for these animals as well as the employees.”

Every single day, nearly 200 meals are dished out, and loads of laundry is put through the washer. It’s a daily requirement, with a pretty steep price tag.

“Someone can come in and donate some blankets, some pet food; some could just come in and donate their time as volunteers as well,” Rulla said.

A facility, full of love, driven only by donations and community support.

“Sometimes we receive them daily and they can go from five dollars to actually ten thousand dollars.”

A recent donation of thousands came in to the shelter, potentially covering the cost for bills over the next few weeks. After the money is used up for necessities, the shelter is back to square one.

“We have one fundraiser scheduled for October 8th called the Beasty Bash and then we also have a spaghetti dinner scheduled for September 17th, at the Atkins Funeral Home,” Rulla said.

Fundraisers for hope of continuing to help out in the Northland.

Rulla says, “Some of those people can donate in kind as well as money. Right now we have about 1,000 signatures and that is to get financial assistance from Carlton County.”

Thousands of human signatures; each one with passion for paws, looking toward the future.

“Hopefully we will have our new location by the end of the year,” Rulla said.

Hope for a new future, to keep tails wagging for years to come.

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