Volunteer Students “Stuff the Bus” in Superior

Thousands of Dollars Worth of School Supplies Donated to Students

Over $2,000 dollars’ worth of school materials made their way in to brand new backpacks in Superior on Wednesday.

150 new backpacks were stuffed full with erasers, folders, pencils and notebooks this morning at WITC.

David Minor, President and CEO of the Superior-Douglad County Chamber Foundation said, “This is a combination between the philanthropy team and the school team to help those kids out that maybe aren’t going to start school with everything that they should have to make a great year happen.”

Junior and senior students in the Superior-Douglas County Chamber Foundation’s Youth Leadership program donated their time and money, to give back to others in need.  

“What we have realized over the years is for the students it’s really a very good connection and when they go in and donate it, when they go give back, then these kids look up to them,” Minor said.

The backpacks will now be loaded up and make their way to the Superior Middle School where classes begin on Thursday, September 1.

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