Gardening Tips as Autumn Blossoms in to the Northland

Autumn Planting Care as Temps Begin to Drop

With the changing of the seasons, a great harvest of crops typically takes place throughout many local gardens, but it doesn’t always mean it’s time to stop planting.

The experts over at Engwall’s Garden Center say autumn is a great time to buy and plant perennials.

Rod Saline, General Manager at Engwall’s Garden Center says, “Fall is a great time still for planting a lot of nursery material and perennials. It’s just a perfect time to be out there adding those kinds of things to the landscape.”

Experts say you could be digging in to a huge savings by doing so.

Trees and shrubs are good planting options for fall lawns and gardens.

It’s important to maintain a healthy compost system as well, but remember to mulch leaves and other nutrients before using it as a natural winter blanket.

“Look at the number of different ways that composting can occur and pick one that fits you. That composting is a terrific way to build soil and good rich soil that will just enhance your gardens going in to the future,” Saline said.

Engwall’s will be opening the gates on their annual corn maze in just 16 days. The family fun event begins on Saturday, September 17.

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