Shark Watching Society Keeps Waters Safe

The societyis better known as a group that likes to gather around the bonfire at the Glensheen Mansion.

Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, Lake Superior is safe once again from a shark infestation.

There has never been a real threat of sharks in the water, but it instead gave many an excuse to enjoy a bonfire at the Glensheen Mansion.

The Shark Watching Society is open to anyone and they held their last fire by the water for the season on Wednesday.

They’re happy to report they haven’t seen any signs of Jaws.

“We haven’t seen one shark and you know we’re glad that hopefully the ships you know don’t release them in their ballasts. Orca’s are ok we just want to keep shores out of Lake Superior,” said Theresa Mega-Norlander who enjoyed the bonfire.

When society members didn’t have their eyes on the water, they took some time to enjoy some snacks.

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