Minnesota Remains Top State for Refugee Resettlement

Ranking 13th in the nation

New figures from the U.S. State Department show Minnesota remains among the top states for refugee resettlement.

In the past year, Minnesota took in nearly 1,100 Somalis, 166 Ethiopians, and 66 Congolese. That’s a large increase from last year through August.

The Star Tribune reports 25 Syrian refugees also resettled in Minnesota in the past year, mostly in Rochester and Minneapolis.

Last year, President Barack Obama launched a Syrian resettlement program as millions fled to escape the country’s civil war and persecution.

The United States recently reached its goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees.

A total of 2,335 refugees have settled in Minnesota since last year, the most since 2007.

Minnesota ranks 13th nationally for the number of refugees living in the state.

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