Teachers and Staff Prepare for New School Year

The Staff at Piedmont Elementary is Excited for a New Year of Panther Pride

The clock is ticking for many Northland teachers, as the final days of summer are marked off on the chalkboard.

The staff at Piedmont Elementary is busy working to finish final preparations in their classrooms and offices.

Hundreds of hours’ worth of work was put in by teachers throughout the summer, with classroom preparations, guided reading and math book studies.

Hundreds of little panthers will race through the doors on Tuesday, September 6.

Principal Beth Shermoen is excited to be starting her second year at Piedmont, and predicts a great year ahead.

“I’m really proud of the staff that works at Piedmont Elementary, they have put a lot of extra hours in this summer,” Shermoen said. “It’s going to be a really fluid and efficient system at Piedmont Elementary this school year. Lots of extra work happened over the summer!”

All classes begin for ISD 709 on Tuesday. A panther fest is happening on the first day back, kicking off positive behaviors and Panther Pride. 

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