Report of Attempted Kidnapping and Terroristic Threats

The report happened near Black Bear Casino

On August 29 2016, a 26 year old female and a 10 year old female reported that they had been picked up and threatened by Anthony John Machones, 29.


The 26 year old female victim had meet Machones ad the Black Bear Casino and spent most of the day with him.  Later in the afternoon the victim and Machones returned to the casino and picked up the victim’s 10 year old sister.  Machones drove them to a residence in rural Douglas County Wisconsin.  The two victims left the residence on foot after a verbal argument.  As the victims were walking Machones drove in front of them blocking their path and threatened them with physical violence if they did not get in his vehicle.  Machones then drove the victims back towards the Black Bear Casino and retrieved a small axe from under his driver’s seat as he continued to verbally threaten the victims with physical violence.  Machones had stopped at a gas station near the casino in Carlton were the victims were able to flag down a passing Fond Du Lac Police Officer and reported the incident.


Carlton County Deputies found Machones at the residence in rural Douglas County Wisconsin, where he was uncooperative and left in a vehicle.  Douglas County Deputies attempted to stop Machones but he fled in his vehicle.  Machones was ultimately stopped and arrested by Douglas County Deputies and placed in the Douglas County Jail for crimes committed in their county. 


The investigation into this crime is on-going between the Carlton County and Douglas County Sheriff’s Offices

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