Gun Shop Burglary in Southeast Minnesota

Burglars steal 60-80 firearms from gunshop

Authorities in Wabasha County of southeastern Minnesota are investigating a gun shop burglary in which 60-80 firearms were stolen.

Keith Stones, owner of the Millville Gun and Rod Shop, says the thieves struck around 4 a.m., Friday. He estimates the missing guns were worth $40,000.

Stones says his surveillance video shows the thieves bursting in through the front door, then ransacking the shop. He says the three thieves were inside for only a minute.

He also says one of the burglars left some blood behind when he smashed a glass case with his elbow. He says investigators collected the blood for DNA evidence.

The Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information on the burglary or who saw any suspicious behavior or vehicles to call 651-565-3361 or dial 911.

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