Hundreds Celebrate Love and Equality at the Pride Parade in Superior

Pride Has Been Going on in the Twin Ports for 30 Years

It was all sunshine and rainbows on Tower Avenue in Superior, where community members marched in the pride parade to celebrate love and equality.

“It shows who we are and we should be able to celebrate who we are as people, you know, it brings us all together,” said Maxim Chvatik, a parade attendee.

Duluth Superior Pride has been going on for 30 years, and though same-sex marriage was legalized across the country last year.

“Everyone is created equal, and deserves to be happy in their lives,” said Mike Androsky, an event attendee.

Many attendees say the events don’t just celebrate, but also serve as a reminder of how much the LGBTQIA community and allies still have to go, in the battle for equality.

“At the moment we have picked up such momentum it’s so exciting, and finally finally, we’re getting to the point in time where the question isn’t who we love, but do we love?” said Mary Hofet, who marched in the parade.

It wasn’t just the LGBTQIA community at the parade, other organizations and allies were also there to show support

“When you bring so many diverse people together it really shows how human you are, how much you need the bonding, the help, the support, for average everyday activities,” said Kevin Thompson, attending the event.

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