Heinrich Confesses to Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting, and Murdering Jacob Wetterling

Fox 9 is live reporting that Danny Heinrich has confessed to kidnapping and murdering Jacob Wetterling.

No cameras are allowed into the courtroom, so Fox 9 reporters are live tweeting the events taking place within the courtroom.

The following is reported from Ted Haller:

Heinrich says he kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and killed Jacob Wetterling

Says he was driving when the saw boys, put mask on, got gun, and told boys to get in ditch.

Said the boys tried to shine flashlight in his eyes, offered him tape they had rented from video store.

Brought Jacob to his car, handcuffed him, put in front passenger seat. Jacob said “What did I do wrong?”

Heinrich had police scanner he used to avoid police while he drove Jacob out of town. He ordered Jacob to duck down until they got out of St. Joseph.

Heinrich took Jacob on a route that ended in Paynesville. Took Jacob to a field next to a row of trees by a gravel pit.

Heinrich had opened the door for Jacob, removed handcuffs, made him undress, and touched Jacob’s genitals. He says there was no penetration.

Heinrich hear police car and panicked, loaded his revolver, told Jacob to turn around because he had to go to the bathroom, and shot him twice in the head.

Heinrich went home after shooting Jacob, then returned and dragged Jacob to a site to bury him to “hide the body.”

Heinrich saw a bobcat, found key. Around midnight he dug grave with it. Placed Jacob in the grave and covered him.

Heinrich returned the bobcat to the construction site. The camouflaged burial site with grass and brush.

Threw Jacob’s shoes in a ravine because he forgot to bury them. Jacob was buried in his clothes.

Heinrich later returned to the burial site. Noticed grave partially uncovered, could see Jacob’s red jacket.

He returned to the burial site a year later and dug up the remains and move them to another spot across the highway and reburied them.

Heinrich took police to the second burial location.

Heinrich is now telling the story of sexually assaulting Jared Scheirel.

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