St. Louis County Workers Receive Storm Recognition

Dozens of Employees Recognized by St. Louis County Board After Storm Cleanup

As communities continue cleaning up after severe storm damage this summer, St. Louis County Board members cleared their morning agenda before starting their day.

A special recognition of St. Louis County Public Works employees highlighted the tremendous teamwork of county workers who have gone above and beyond their duties during the weeks after July 21.

Staff from the Sheriff’s Office and other patrol services along with volunteer Rescue Squad workers all put in countless hours as the community came together to clean up.

Public Health nurses even went door-to-door, checking on vulnerable senior citizens without power.

Ida Watson-Souther, St. Louis County Public Works employee said, “We saw families that came in to the CCA where we were doing triage work, and they had lost all of their food. Thinking about these poor kids and the babies that didn’t have anything was sad. The fact that we could replace benefits on their snap card and help them out was really rewarding.”

The county assessor’s office was also included in Tuesday’s recognition, for helping residents check for property tax credits and other storm debris aid. 

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