Art Exhbit at St. Luke’s Showcases Art from Cancer Survivors

Arts Express will be in the St. Luke's main lobby throughout the month.

Some local artists have let their lights shine during some of the darkest moments of their lives.

The traveling exhibit, Arts Express, showcases the creativity of Northland cancer survivors and their caregivers.

Project Lulu held workshops in Duluth and Grand Rapids where each artist could not only learn a new form, but also display beauty they didn’t know they could create.

“It gives them a place to just be, to immerse themselves in color, in line, in texture, in metaphor and it’s not about cancer but of course their story comes through, their perspective onĀ  the world and life comes through and it gives them a chance to say something true and real from their experience,” said Lisa McKhann, Project Lulu Founding Director.

The exhibit will be up in the main lobby of St. Luke’s for the entire month before moving onto Grand Rapids.

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