Storm Leaves Damage in Biwabik Cemetery

Tombstones and Trees Scattered Around Cemetery After Storm

Just a couple miles outside of Biwabik, the Lakeside Cemetery had hundreds of trees and tombstones damaged by the storm.

People from all over the region came today to check on the tombstones of their loved ones and many were in for a rude awakening as they realized a lot of the tombstones were blown down by the strong wind and are now scattered all over the cemetery grounds.

Diane Hollada, a resident of Biwabik, said “It was straight line winds and its all across. This is really serious damage. I’ve never noticed it this bad before.”

Since the storm, Minnesota Power as well as other crews from around the region have come to the area to respond to the storm damage and to restore electric service.

Jeff Jacobson, the City Administrator, said “A lot of people around town are cleaning up and helping their neighbors. We will have a city wide pickup and haul them away.”

Biwabik leaders tell us the town received hardly any damage in the storm that hit the region back in July but this time, the situation is much different.

For now crews continue working together to rebuild what the storm has damaged.

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