Should City Pay Bentleyville Light Bill?

Duluth city councilors will soon be voting on whether to fully pay for the light bill at this year’s Bentleyville Tour of Lights in Bayfront Park.

Last year, the deal included the city of Duluth to pay the first $5,000 of the roughly $12,000 bill that added up in 2015 for the massive light show that brings in more than $20 million dollars to the local economy.

“It’s a modest amount, and it’s pretty clear that the additional sales tax that comes into the city by virtue of all the visitors that come to Bentleyville is more than the relatively small amount we provide Bentleyville to help out with the electrical bill,” explained councilor Joel Sipress who supports the city taking care of the entire electrical bill.

Bentleyville Tour of Lights costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce the free public event.

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