Woman Accused of Stabbing Mother Seeks $1.5M Estate

Last year accepted an Alford plea to shave 20 years from sentence

A Memphis woman who as an 18-year-old was accused of fatally stabbing her mother is fighting relatives for a $1.5 million inheritance, but her lawyer says her real goal is to prove her innocence.

Noura Jackson was convicted of stabbing her mother, Jennifer Jackson, in 2009. In 2014, however, the Tennessee Supreme Court Ordered a new trial, citing prosecutorial errors. Instead of going to trial again, Jackson last year accepted an Alford plea in which a defendant doesn’t admit guilt but agrees the prosecution has enough evidence to get a conviction. The plea shaved years off her 20-year sentence, and she was released last month.

The Commercial Appeal cites relatives as saying Noura Jackson’s plea disqualifies her from any inheritance. But Jackson’s lawyer says she’s innocent. Noura Jackson is an only child.

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