Two Spartans With More in Common Than Their Jerseys

Gunnar Gronski and Gunner Johnson are both helping Superior to a successful season.

The superior spartans are a force on the field, led by quarterback Gunner Johnson.

“Gunner Johnson he’s kind of a throwback type kid. He’s old school, he’s a hard worker,” said Head Coach Bob DeMeyer.

When teams scout the spartans they’re not just looking for one Gunner though, they’re looking for two.

“Gunnar Gronski another kid that’s just a grinder, he’s a multi-sport athlete loves the weight room,” said DeMeyer.

The two have a lot in common besides their names, they both can run the football.

“It helps having him and me both being able to run the ball,” said Gronski.

Their chemistry is crucial to the offense.

“With what we do offensively the quarterback and tailback relationship has to be spot on. Chemistry is very important,” said DeMeyer.

“We’re really good friends we get along very easily… Even just hanging out outside of school and on the field it means a lot because we just have that connection,” said Johnson.

That relationship has led the Spartans to a 3-1 record so far this season.

“A lot of that has to do with the chemistry those two have and the rest of the team,” said DeMeyer.

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