UMD Looking to Cut $2 Million

University is looking to recover from a budget deficit.

UMD’s budget resolution plan has reduced its deficit from twelve million dollars to four million in recent years, but they want to make that number even lower this semester.

UMD is looking to cut nearly two million dollars this fall, so the budget resolution can continue on.

UMD began the conversation last semester and wants to announce the final cuts soon.

The school told the deans of their colleges to strive to become more efficient and look at which programs and classes have the most and least demand and which courses they could add or remove.

“Seeing the increase in our freshman enrollment is a very positive sign and we’re definitely looking forward to how that can help us with our budget moving forward. We cannot cut our way out of our budget deficit. We need to make investments at the same time,” said Lynne Williams, UMD director of marketing and public relations.

The university said they’re looking at all their options and want these potential cuts to have as minimal an impact as possible on their students.

The school said at this time they won’t be cutting programs, but rather they’re reallocating resources.

The university also said there will be a transition period before any changes take effect.

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