With Flu Season Approaching St. Lukes is Preparing Duluth

Doctors urge the public to get a flu shot.

Doctors at St. Lukes are working to prepare duluth for flu season. St. Lukes has been giving flu shots for a week now but people can go get their flu shot at any major pharmacy. The shot helps prevent people from getting the virus influenza.

Every year children over six-months-old and people over 65-years-old are urged to get the shot.

Unfortunately this year the nasal spray is not a viable option.

“It has not proved to be effective this year so we’re now recommending that all people including all children get the injectable form of the flu shot this year,” said Dr. Sara Lund, an infectious disease physician at St. Lukes.

Flu season runs until March so people are recommended to get their shots by October but doctors say it’s never too late.

Even with the shot, the best way to prevent getting the respiratory illness and spreading it, is to wash your hands.

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