City Council Votes Yes On Bentleyville

Duluth City Council unanimously voted to pay Bentleyville's electric bill.

The Duluth City Council voted unanimously to pay Bentleyville’s electric bill this year. The estimated cost is 12,000 dollars and will be paid with tourism tax dollars. In the past Bentleyville paid 5,000 dollars in electrical costsĀ  and the city council paid the rest. It is a small bill compared to what the whole city costs.

“The electricity is such a tiny, tiny fraction of what Bentleyville’s expenses are. It’s probably one of the least expenses that we even have,” said Bentley.

For those who have been to Bentleyville previously, this year things won’t be looking the same.

“2016 will be the largest massive changes that anyone’s ever seen in Bentleyville we have more brand new displays, we’ve actually moved some of our most popular attractions and activities in Bentleyville we’ve moved them within the park,” said Bentley.

It is only September but the construction of Bentleyville is coming up. This Monday semi-trucks filled with Christmas decorations will head to Bayfront. The first official construction day will be September 24. They are asking for volunteers to come out at 8:30 a.m.

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