The Northern Garden of Life Donates Products to Those in Need

Garden of Life Grows Peppers, Onions and Much More

Years ago, George Vernon and his wife Louise founded the Northern Garden of Life just west of Ashland. George passed away eight years ago but his legacy to help those in need lives on through his family and friends who still maintain the five acres of fruits and vegetables.

The Northern Garden of Life supplies over fifty different types of fresh vegetables to people in need.

In George’s last days of life he would still show up at the garden to check on his workers and see their progress. It was because of characteristics like this that George is so well loved by his family and his workers.

Jamie Vernon, the Garden Manager, said “Even on his death bed he wanted to help people and he would drive out here with his oxygen mask on to tell me that he loved me and I needed that.”

The garden grows peppers, beets, tomatoes and so much more.

They donate all of their produce and proceeds to The Brick which is a food bank in Ashland.

Bryan Custer, a Vegetable Grower, said “We see a range of different emotions, a few tears but mostly people happy to get food at a price they can afford.”

The garden was nearly washed away in the flood earlier this summer, but Custer says they have now matched, if not exceeded, what they have grown in previous years.

Custer said, “We had 85 mile per hour winds come through and it flattened the onion crop. We thought it would be a disaster but they came back.”

People taking care of this garden plan to continue growing veggies and donating to local charities until they can’t anymore so at this time they do not have a specific closing date in mind.

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