UMD Campus Climate Survey Looks at Campus Culture

Survey results show 76% of respondents say they feel comfortable on campus.

UMD officials have conducted a survey to see what improvements could be made across campus.

The Campus Climate Survey was given to all students, faculty, and staff.

It asked them if they felt a sense of belonging or felt intimidated on campus.

While 76% of campus said they felt comfortable, the university will use the survey to find challenges and opportunities to improve.

“It’s always important for us to think what do we do well and where can we improve, so we are committed to creating an inclusive campus community, so it’s a chance for us to really step back, look at what we do , get feedback from campus and put some action plans together because we know we can do better,” said Lynne Williams, Director of University Marketing and Public Relations.

UMD will next hold a series of idea sessions on how to implement the changes.

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