School Safety Patrols Gear Up For Another Safe Year

Many Northland Safety Patrol Groups Are Back in the Crosswalks, Protecting Their Classmates

It’s that time of year again, when bright orange flags are raised up high, and students of all ages begin crossing busy roadways in order to get to class. But it’s more than just that.

According to AAA, School Safety Patrols play an important role in helping young people learn and fulfill responsibilities when it comes to traffic and school bus safety.

Hundreds of Northland School Patrols are back at it once again

More than 50,000 schools sponsor patrols, protecting pedestrians and school bus riders across all 50 states.

“It also helps the students that are the patrols, be responsible, feel like their stewards of their school and that they are volunteering. It gives them the idea in the future that they can help somewhere else and be a volunteer,” Cynthia Maldonado, Principal at Stowe Elementary said.

As members of AAA School Safety Patrols, students have protected their classmates for 100 years; since 1916.

“It’s good for the whole community to have the kids helping at the school, and the School Patrol is all about responsibility, which of course we want for kids. It really helps them to do that in the future; to be responsible, caring, giving citizens,” Maldonado said.

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