Wisconsin Changes Rules on Absentee Voting

Voters Now Have More Than a Month to Vote Absentee

Voting in the state of Wisconsin just got a little easier for the upcoming election.

A restriction on absentee voting was lifted; voters can now fill out an absentee ballot as early as September 26.

In the city of Superior, voters can come to the City Clerk’s office during business hours and fill out their ballot any day of the week.

Before you could only fill out an absentee ballot in the final two weeks before Election Day.

Superior City Clerk Terri Kalan says this will make her staff’s jobs a little easier as well.

“We get really busy that last two weeks,” Kalan said. “So this will expand it out a little a bit so we won’t be as crunched during that two weeks hopefully.”

There is no deadline to register to vote.

You can register the day you come in to fill out your ballot; you just need a photo ID and a proof of residence.

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