Denfeld’s Cody Brown Big On Leadership

Senior QB Leading The Way For Hunters

Cody Brown may not be the biggest guy on the field, but that doesn’t stop him from having a big impact.

Brown comments, “Anyone can have the spirit in them to go out and do it.”

Offensive Line Captain Shamar Davis says, “Like the little guy coming up doing big things, that’s kind of what I think of him.”

Brown adds, “Yeah I’m not like 6 foot 5″, I’m 5′ 10″ 5′ 9″ and even the littlest guy can make the biggest difference on the field.”

What Brown lacks in size he more than makes up for mentally.

Head football Coach Frank Huie says, “His intellectual football play has definitely transcended into him being a quality quarterback. He sees the game the way we see the game and that makes it easy for me to call things because I know Cody’s seeing what I’m seeing”

Huie continues, “Especially at the quarterback position you have to be cerebral. You can’t be the guy that just runs people over. You got to be the guy that know what everybody’s responsibility assignment is on every single play.”

Brown says, “Leadership comes in many sizes and I’m just lucky to be a captain and prove to this team (I can) lead them.”

Davis comments, “He sets the stage for other QBs when they’re in the game against him.”

Brown says, “You play with your gut with your heart, with your mindset, when you do that and you’re focused, you’re a hunter.”

It’s not just his determination that makes brown a leader. It’s his connection with his teammates and respect for coaches and players.

Brown explains, “It’s not like I only hang out with the back, they only hang out with the linemen, we’re all one unit.”

Huie adds, “You know he’s a very positive guy, very up beat, I think the kids like him and you know he’s not a complainer he’s a leader.”

Showing those around him exactly what it means to a be Denfeld Hunter.

Davis continues, “We’re going to do whatever we got to do to protect him and he’s going to do whatever he’s got to do to fight for us.”

Brown says, “You can be the same as anyone out there. It doesn’t matter how big, how tall, whatever, if you have that mindset and the want to win then you can compete with anyone.”

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