Pokemon Go Party Invites Players to Catch ‘Em All

City Hosts Event Downtown

Duluth’s downtown and parks are full of Poke stops, and fans of the game have been walking around catching Pokemon since the game was first released.

“Pokemon is an integrated game, integrated with the real world around us, so people are actually looking at their phones and seeing where they are, and the Pokemon just appear and you try and catch them,” explained Darlene Marshall, the Event Coordinator for the Greater Downtown Council.

The Greater Downtown Council decided to throw a Pokemon party, and placed extra lures in the park to entice players to catch the Pokemon.

The game attracts people of all ages, some, who grew up with the popular anime in the 90s when the series’ first came out, and others, who are now growing up with the new game.

“It seems like we do a lot more walking now a days, and catching a lot more Pokemon now,” said James Anrig, a Pokemon Go player.

Pokemon Go players say the game is a good way to get out and exercise, while still having fun.

“We go quite often, we go to Leif Erickson and walk along the canal here,” said Anrig.

“Gotta catch em all,” said Landon, Anrig’s Son.

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