Gov. Dayton Criticized for Severance Payments to Political Appointees

Gov. Dayton authorized nearly $80,000 in severance payments

Minnesota Republicans are criticizing Governor Mark Dayton for authorizing nearly $80,000 in severance payments to three top officials who resigned from his administration.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that Dayton provided the severance packages to former Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Commissioners Mark Phillips and Katie Clark Sieben, as well as Director of Higher Education Services Sheila Wright. Each severance packaged equaled approximately three months of their pay.

State Representative Sarah Anderson said she’s never heard of political appointees receiving severance, and claims the move violates taxpayer trust. Anderson said she will push to limit severance packages for political appointees int he next legislative session.

State finance officials say the severance payouts were legal and managed through existing department budgets.

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