Wisconsin Outlaws Synthetic Opioid

Synthetic opioid known as U-47700 has been outlawed

Wisconsin’s Controlled Substance Board has outlawed a synthetic opioid known as U-47700.

A spokeswoman for the board said the panel voted unanimously Tuesday to ban the drug. According to a board news release, the drug will become illegal on November 7, 2016.

The board banned the drug on Tuesday. Representative John Nygren’s office said the move came at the request of Wisconsin district attorneys. Nygren has written 17 different laws to combat prescription drug and heroin abuse.

U-47700 was developed in the mid-1970s as a painkiller. The drug is eight times more potent than morphine and has been linked to at least 50 deaths nationwide.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration issued a notice earlier this month that it intends to outlaw the drug effective in early October.

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