Bird Watching at Hawk Ridge

Thousands of Birds Migrate Over Duluth

Darryl Hill has been frequenting Hawk Ridge for 55 Years.

“We come up every year to see the hawks, we’re in to birding and we like to see the hawks, this is one of our favorite places to come,” said Hill.

He’s among one of the hundreds of people who flock to Hawk Ridge in the fall, when birds of prey start moving south for warmer climates and more food.

Bird lovers point their binoculars towards the sky, scanning the horizon for signs of the birds, and watch Nature’s airshow, as the birds demonstrate the mastery of flight.

One popular bird, the Broadwing Hawk, flys through in September, but other birds are expected to come through later in the year

“Things like golden eagles, things like northern goss hawks, we both get those things here starting at mid-October or so,” said Clinton Nienhaus the Education Director at Hawk Ridge.

Birds are a species that can be directly affected by climate change, so for Hill, his love for birding is a reminder to live more sustainably.

More than 75,000 raptors migrate over Hawk Ridge Each fall.

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