Moose Lake Hosts Opioid and Heroin Abuse Forum

Forum informs the community on how they can prevent the growing drug problem from spreading.

Since the placement of a drug drop-off space at the Moose Lake Police Department five years ago, officers there are reporting they’ve collected nearly two tons of drugs.

Moose Lake held a community forum on opiod and heroin abuse.

Many in the community have said they’re concerned about the growing problem and stand united in efforts to fight it.

“I’m certainly concerned that there is a drug problem in rural Minnesota,” said Dick Gustafson of Moose Lake.

Community members learned about the signs of drug abuse and how they can help in the fight against it in their community.

“I think we want all community members to believe that there is something they can do about it, that there’s a role for everybody to play,” said Laura Palombi with the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy.

The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy to local physicians and law enforcement put on a united front to prevent the problem from getting worse.

“I think the goal of tonight’s event is to educate people about the problem. I think the problem is bigger than a lot of people understand,” said Dr. Ryan Harden, Gateway Clinic Medical Director.

While there is no one solution to the problem, community members listened so the conversations they have been having about drugs can change for the better.

“I care about people. I care about people who are hurting,” said Gustafson.

Moose Lake is working on forming a task force to fight the drug problem.

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