Superior City Council Votes To Hire Consultant

The Council unanimously voted yes to hiring JJ Keegan for the Nemadji Public Golf Course.

With temperatures dropping there is less and less time to head out to the golf course and even with golf courses closing in the coming months Superiors city council is talking about the Nemadji public golf courses future.

Tuesday, the city council voted unanimously to approve a 24,500 dollar contract with JJ Keegan, a group of strategists that has experience in the golf industry, to help the city manage the course.

“We want to keep Nemadji as the great asset that it is. We thought that we would look for some external assistance in guiding us through the next few years,” said Jean Vito, Finance Director.

Vito said that many golf courses have closed over the past few years and the ones that are open are become increasingly competitive. The hope is this firm can help drive up revenue, to keep the course from needing tax payer dollars.

“We’re not subsidizing our golf course with tax payer money. There are a lot of courses, a lot of municipal courses that are tapping in to tax payer dollars to help fund them and keep them open,” said Vito.

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