Mall: Old Country Buffet Space Won’t Become Golden Corral

It’s a no-go for Golden Corral Buffet and Grill possibly moving into the vacant Old Country Buffet location at the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth.

A spokeswoman for Maxfield Management Company told FOX 21’s Dan Hanger exclusively Wednesday that the company sent a proposal to Miller Hill Mall but has never heard back.

Miller Hill Mall’s general manager, Katie Kaz, confirmed Wednesday that Golden Corral would not be going into the O.C.B. location.

So what will? That’s up in the air with no hint at this time. But it’s fair to say there’s definitely interest in this prime piece of real estate looking at the busy Highway 53.

Maxfield Management Company told Hanger that they would love to bring Golden Corral to Duluth and that the old O.C.B. restaurant is the most economical option for them, as the buffet setup is already in place.

The Maxfield spokeswoman did not want to rule out Duluth without the mall location, but she did say the company could not afford to build a new Golden Corral in Duluth because of high real-estate costs.

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