Spanish Immersion Kindergarten Begins In Duluth

In Two Classrooms Students Learn In Spanish

In a classroom at Lowell Elementary, the sounds of kindergarten are a little different this school year.

It is the first year of a Spanish immersion program in two kindergarten classes at the school.

“It’s kind of my dream to do it but I never thought I’d be able to do it in Northern Minnesota,” said Sra. Becky Sheldon. “We still have reading, language arts and math, we just go about it in different ways so it’s really fun.”

It is the first Spanish immersion program in the Northland. English-speaking five-year olds, head to their first year of school in a classroom where the content is taught in another language.

“Today’s world is smaller, when you start getting kids ready for life, to have a second language is going to make them much more ready for the world today,” said Sheldon.

Staff at the school say, it’s an option more parents are looking for.

“There’s significant interest when new families come they look for an immersion option, and there hasn’t been,” said Lowell Principal Jen Larva. “It’s kind of a gift, to give your kids the ability to speak in two different languages.”

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