UMD Voter Palooza

Bulldog's Register To Vote

People between the ages of 18 and 35 make up 31% of the voting population. However, political interest from that age group is typically low. Campus organizations at UMD are working to inform students about just how important their vote really is.

The goal of UMD’s Voter Palooza is to make it as easy as possible for Bulldogs to vote this election day. Helping students with everything from questions about the

Sara Minder, Intern for Get Out To Vote and MPIRG member, says, “They have the right to vote here as students at UMD and we’re trying to get that across.”

Mike Purtell, Vice President of External Affairs for the UMD Student Association, adds, “Usually it’s I don’t know anything about the candidates or I don’t even know how to register, where do I vote? Do I have to drive home? So this event is trying to educate them, you can vote by absentee, we can register you here today, it takes about a minute.”

Part of Voter Palooza is the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group’s Get Out the Vote campaign. The goal is registering 2,000 Bulldog voters and more than 1,500 students have already signed up to vote the deadline to preregister for the 2016 elections is October 18th.

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