UW Credit Union Expands Eligibility to All College Students

A change in membership eligibility provides opportunities to all higher education students

Governor Scott Walker joined officials from the University of Wisconsin Credit Union and the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) today to announce a change in the credit union’s membership eligibility requirements that will provide additional opportunities for the refinancing of student loan debt across the state.

Gov. Walker also announced the official launch of DFI’s “Look Forward to Your Future” website, which promotes the importance of planning ahead for college.

The website also includes a list of 13 Wisconsin banks and credit unions that currently refinance student debt.

The new “Look Forward to Your Future” website raises the awareness level of how crucial it is to plan ahead for college and additionally proves resources for current and future college student to help keep their student debt load manageable.

“Our goal is to provide K-12 students and their parents with access to information and resources about the importance of planning for college – from career planning to financial planning to the selection of the right post-secondary institution,” said DFI Secretary Lon Roberts. “We also intend to provide college students and graduates with information about options they have related to student loan repayment and refinancing options.”

A recent change in membership eligibility was approved by the UW Credit Union Board of Directors on September 8, 2016. Now, in addition to the UW System past or present student, any Wisconsin resident who is currently enrolled or has attended any accredited institution of higher education can do business with the UW Credit Union.

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