9/27 Weather Forecast

Meteorologist Joey Norton gives us a look at our forecast

Things started off pretty well this morning with light winds and clouds not producing any rain but that quickly changed mid morning as the rain started to fall and hasn’t ended since.

Temperatures are nice and cool across the North-land with a lot of us seeing temps in the upper 40’s. Everywhere across the country is seeing warmer than normal temperatures other than us in the twin–ports.

The wind hasn’t helped our cause either. With sustained winds anywhere from 10 to 20 mph basically all day.

The rain barreling through is almost over and will leave us with a few chances throughout our overnight hours.

The area of low pressure that has sat over the North-land for the last four days will finally move out as we head into tomorrow. With that comes warmer temps and sunny skies Wednesday through Sunday.

Overnight lows the next few night will become chilly reaching into the lower 40’s and in some area’s 30’s.

Our seven day forecast looks promising as of tomorrow and last all the way until Monday with showers likely early next week.

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