Checking Your Pets for Allergy Issues

Northlanders and Pets are Gearing Up for Another Season of Poor Allergy Conditions

The Northland is currently seeing a second seasonal dose of sniffles and sneezing across the Northland.

“This is an inherited problem that dogs get, and cats. It’s caused by an overactive immune response,” Mike Overend, D.V.M. at Lake County Veterinary Clinics said.

Fall allergies can be downright annoying.

“I’ve been a veterinarian for about 33 years, and I’ve seen a lot of itchy dogs come through my door,” Overend said.

It’s the time of year when sniffles and sneezes echo through the home, office, and kennel. Experts say there are various symptoms, including extremely itchy skin.

An itch, leading to an irritation. Dr. Overend says it comes on as early as just a couple years of age, but can also scratch its way into older years as well. Overend had a Labrador named Zilla, experiencing firsthand how difficult allergies can be to take control of.

“Dealing with the allergies taught us a lot about helping people with their pets and allergic conditions.”

Using personal experience to educate doggie moms and dads across the Northland.

Allergies can be seasonal, or all year long.

“In many parts of the United States, fleas are a big problem for our pets,” Overend said.

For pets in the Northland and their people, fleas are primarily uncommon, avoiding the risk of bites, which can cause severe skin irritation.

“There can be environmental factors that cause allergies, including pollens, mold, grasses,” Overend said.

Dust mites from inside your home can also be an irritating factor, along with food allergies.

“People bring their pets in and complain that their pet is biting, scratching or chewing,” Overend said.

It’s a common issue, frequently walking through the door at this fur-friendly facility. Common areas of irritation include paws, bellies, armpits, and face.

“We don’t have a cure for allergies, we wish we did, but we just know that we can try to control it.”

Medications such as Apoquel have proven to work wonders for many in the industry.

 “The very first pill, one half hour after we gave the very first pill, the itch was gone. We really are strong advocates of using that medicine, not to cure the disease, but just to stop the itch,” Overend said.

Overend says the drug Apoquel only lasts for one day. Over the counter antihistamines such as Benadryl have little to no positive impact on your pets.

Dr. Overend says if you have any concern about your pets having allergies, to bring them in right away for examination.  




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