City Council Agrees On Maximum Property Tax Increase

The final amount will be voted on in December.

This August the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that “right-of-way-assessments” should be considered taxes not fee’s.

That ruling is now bringing change to Duluth and many city councilors are happy.

The council set the stage last night for up to a 17.65 percent increase in the city of Duluth’s property tax levy next year.

The final tax will be voted on and set in December. The increase will cover the elimination of the street fee charge.

“It’s become increasingly clear to city council and also to Mayor Larson that these flat fees are the most unfair ways to pay for city services,” said city councilor, Joel Sipress.

Sipress said that many people in Duluth will pay less than the flat fee and the few who see an increase will only see a minimal one.

This will be in effect January 2017. In December the council will also vote whether, or not to get rid of the street light fee.

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