Sharing Fall Festivities at Simek’s Farm

Local Family Looks to Continue Sharing the Land Through Fall Fun and Entertainment

In Northern Minnesota, it isn’t difficult to get lost in a field full of adventures.

“We begin in the spring, probably around February with picking out and ordering our seeds,” Andrea Simek, Co-owner of Simek’s Farm said.

Preparations in the little Township of Kelsey, partnering up with Good Ole Mother Nature.

“It takes a lot of sun, and if you can hold off the frost in the fall, that helps too!”

If you venture out past the cityscape and busy roads, you will find this family farm, with a file full of history.

“My husband’s Grandma operates a working dairy farm and to keep the farm in the family, we started something new,” Simek said.

New beginning, with old roots, turned into a bountiful pumpkin patch.

Simek’s Family Farm was originally homesteaded back in 1926. Ever since then, the family fun has been a slide.

“It’s something we all do together and we all work together and we work with our whole extended family as well,” Simek said.

This family tree is a growth of generations. Appreciating quality time, while sharing their many acres with the community.

“It brings a lot of people together where everybody might be out having nine to five jobs or doing their own thing and this is something that brings us all together,” Simek said.

Thousands of people will stroll through the kernels of this years four acre corn maze.

“In the past families always had somebody in their family that had a farm, maybe the grandparents had a farm or maybe their aunt and uncle had a farm,” Simek said.

Wandering through old memories as hundreds of pumpkins are picked over and farm animals are admired.

“I think it brings a lot of people back to their younger days, especially parents and grandparents like to share that with the kids.”

It’s a full time seasonal chore.

Simek said, “We need it to be warm in the spring, because the seeds need it warm to germinate and then we need real consistent rain.”

Simek’s Farm is blooming with a cornucopia of rewards.

“The community just appreciates the fact we open this up for other people to come out and experience a farm, for children to be able to come out and experience a farm,” Simek said.

Simek says being part of a family that’s been in one location for five generations, and now rooted in the community, is really cool.

Simek’s Farm is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10a.m. until 5p.m., all the way through October 23.

The Farm is located at 8997 Arkola Rd, Kelsey, Minnesota 55724.

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