Stariha Setting Up Spartans For Success

Makenzie Stariha is this week's Northern Star

The Spartans are a young team, no one is doubting that but that doesn’t mean they are not talented.

“I think that we gained a lot of really good players even though we are a younger team,” said Makenzie Stariha, senior setter.

Stariha is one of those really good players but every good setter needs some hitters

“We do have a lot of really strong hitters… It’s always like so much better just having, knowing that when I set a good set that they’ll get a kill and produce for me in the end,” said Stariha.

With the ball coming to you every time being a setter can be nerve wracking, something Stariha doesn’t to mind.

“I personally like the pressure, I like being in charge of the game,” said Stariha.

The Spartans may have a young team this year but they have big goals.

“I’m feeling really good about this team, I’m very confident in my team and i foresee us going far in the playoffs,” said Stariha.

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